“Doe Branch Ink is a relatively young enterprise which has developed a mature presence.  I was welcomed and taught, supported and freed.  The environment is superb to engage in writing and to think about the future of your writing ambitions.  It was a creative week like few I have known.”

“I have attended several writing conferences but received more at Doe Branch through the personal touch, intimate setting, and interaction than in any other writing experience.”

“Fresh from a  week at the at the Doe Branch writing retreat, I have new energy and greater confidence about my writing. . . .  . I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to jump start his or her writing.”

“An extraordinary value. . . .  I learned a lot in a short period of time, lessons that I’ve employed already in my writing.”

“I had a spectacular week at Doe Branch.  All in all, it is a perfect place for inspiration, for starting or re-starting your writing life. “

“My time at Doe Branch ranks as the most powerful professional experience I’ve ever had.”

“What I gained from the Doe Branch experience is priceless.”