What we offer

  • Time away from everyday cares and responsibilities to work on your writing.

  • An opportunity to spend time with an accomplished, published author who will serve as writer-in-residence and workshop mentor. The writer-in-residence will read and discuss a sample of each participant’s writing in a private conversation. The writer-in-residence will set the terms of this review of the participants’ written material – a sample of 20-25 pages and a private conference of approximately one hour is the norm. The writer-in-residence may, at his or her sole discretion, contract with individual participants for more extensive manuscript critiques; any charge for such services would be paid directly to the writer-in-residence and be in addition to the charge for the Workshop paid to DBI LLC.

  • A community of other writers with whom to share work, discuss ideas and challenges, and form new friendships.

  • A beautiful setting with great views and walking trails with easy access to supplementary activities like rafting, fly fishing and horseback riding.

  • Wholesome meals shared with other participants.

What we expect

  • Mature, responsible men and women (regardless of age) willing to share ideas, time and space creatively and respectfully.

  • A strong sense of purpose and the ability to work independently. The Workshop is not a “course” and there are no assignments. Each participant needs to come prepared to work on whatever tasks they have set themselves. The writer-in-residence and the other participants will encourage this work with support and honest, constructive criticism.

  • Good stewardship of the facilities, landscape and surrounding community that is host to the workshop.

  • Explicit acknowledgment of our policies and agreement to abide by them, including a liability waiver.

  • Timely payment of the comprehensive workshop fee, which covers the programs, accommodations, meals and refreshments.

Fees, payments & refunds

In consideration of your acceptance and participation, you agree to pay a comprehensive program fee. This fee covers program participation, lodging, meals, snacks and refreshments. The amount of the fee will reflect your workshop and lodging choices.

The participation fee is due and payable to Doe Branch Ink LLC as follows:

  • 50% upon acceptance of an offer of admission; this will be considered the participation Deposit.

  • 50% six business days prior to the commencement of the Workshop. This will be considered the Final Payment.

Check payments are preferred. Payment can also be made by credit card, debit card or ACH account debit via PayPal. A service fee is added for PayPal transactions.

Payments received are non-refundable except as follows:

  • If for any reason, a program is canceled prior to the Workshop start, all payments will be refunded to participants. DBI LLC shall bear no other responsibility, financial or otherwise, for program cancellation.

  • If a participant withdraws from a workshop after Final Payment has been made, there will be no refund unless the withdrawal is the result of incapacitating personal injury or illness of the Participant, in which case the Deposit and one half of the Final Payment will be forfeited and the balance will be refundable on a pro-rata basis based on the number of workshop nights missed.

  • At its sole discretion, DBI LLC reserves the right to terminate this participation agreement and to ask the Participant to leave the premises. This right will be exercised in circumstances including but not limited to abusive, belligerent or illegal behavior; disturbing the privacy or property of other participants; or otherwise violating the policies and community standards of the Workshop. In the event of termination, a pro rata refund of all payments will be made based on the number of lodging nights remaining.

There will be no fee adjustments for late arrivals, early departures or missed meals except as otherwise defined above.

General notices & policies

  • Participants are Guests, not tenants, and will be treated accordingly and should conduct themselves accordingly.

  • We do not discriminate in granting admissions on the basis of race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual preference. Our facility is not currently designed for wheel chair access; accordingly participants are advised that they must be able to climb and descend stairs, use standard restrooms, etc. without such devices.

  • No pets are allowed on premises.

  • No smoking is permitted except in designated outside areas.

  • No guns or other weapons may be brought onto the premises.

  • We maintain a deliberately “unplugged” environment. There is no television or music system. Participants are welcome to bring personal listening/viewing devices for their private use with headsets.

  • Cell phone reception varies by vendor. ATT does not provide service. Verizon and US Cellular services are generally strong.

  • Wireless internet access is available through a 4G modem device. This service is adequate for web browsing, email and routine document exchange but should not be used for music or video downloads.

  • We reserve the right at our sole discretion to accept or reject applications for participation in Doe Branch Ink workshops. We also reserve the right to ask participants to leave mid-program if they disregard stated policies or engage in disruptive or disrespectful behavior.

Assumption of Risk

Doe Branch Ink LLC aims to provide a fully satisfying experience. However, Participant acknowledges and accepts all risks associated with participation in the Workshop and its rural mountain setting. Participant further agrees to release DBI LLC and its members from liability for these risks and to take responsibility for their own health and safety and for safeguarding their personal and intellectual property. These risks include but are not limited to:

  • Mountainous or otherwise adverse driving conditions.

  • Severe weather.

  • Walking on steep, rocky terrain.

  • Proximity to the flora and fauna of the natural environment including insects, reptiles and large mammals.

  • Remoteness from immediate medical care. (The nearest doctor’s office is approximately 20 minutes away, the nearest urgent care is approximately 30 minutes away, and the nearest hospital is approximately 60 minutes away.) The local Volunteer Fire Department provides first responders.

  • The behavior of other workshop participants.

  • Performance of caterers and other contractors.